93% funded with 3 days left to go! Join 58 backers and bring Zip to life! Plus: indie comics showcase – Threads & Hairy Tales

Zip’s Kickstarter campaign is steadily approaching our £3k goal with 3 days to go. We’re currently at 93% of our funding goal, with 58 backers on board to bring Zip to life.

If you’ve pledged to the Mach 4 tier, you’ll see yourself receive a personalised thank you in the back of the book. It’s going to look a little something like this…

So get thinking about how you’d like to be credited! There should be enough room for a name, and a URL or social media handle if you’d like to include one!

Next up, I have a few indie comics recommendations for you all, all live on Kickstarter right now…


The first title I have for followers of the campaign today is THREADS. It caught my eye, not only because it stars strong female protagonists (like Zip), but also, based on the synopsis I’m getting a big “what if you dropped Venom from Spider-Man into Zoolander?” vibe from it.

Spider-Man has been a huge influence on my work and my formative years coincided with the years when that aforementioned Todd McFarlane character was at the height of his popularity. Plus who doesn’t love a goofy Ben Stiller movie? Is this a Kickstarter for ants?

No! It’s a Kickstarter for backers who enjoy good old fashioned b-movie action sci-fi, with comedy thrown into the mix. Which is why I suggest you check it out. I’ll leave you with the Threads team’s official synopsis: 

 Threads is a 96 page b-movie, sci-fi, sartorial satire of high fashion, sibling rivalry, and mind-controlling alien fabric!

Threads follows the story of the Strand sisters, Devin and Phoebe, as they try to break into the fashion industry. They both face issues with Devin’s sudden success until Phoebe discovers an alien fabric that changes their fortunes, challenges their relationship, and tries to take over the world! 

Spoofing the fashion industry and B-movies at the same time, Threads is full of b-movie sci-fi action and suspense, great humor, and extremely strong female characters.

An early review from Poplitiko gives us “a special nod to the fact that in world of comics based on the same idea, this is something new.”

Check it out today! 

Hairy Tales 

Story time: there’s a school in a neighbourhood in Bristol called Fishponds, that installed spikes on the gate which leads into their grounds back in the 00s. That school was one of me and my friends’ favourite places to go skateboarding, and before the spikes were installed we regularly hoped the gate to do so.

The school administrators did not appreciate this. I’m not proud to say it, but it’s true: those spikes are there because of me and my friends.

Sorry did I say I’m not proud? I meant very proud.

Anyway, this little anecdote is one of the reasons why Russ Hillman’s HAIRY TALES struck a chord with me. I’ll leave you with his short but sweet synopsis: 

Were you a prick as a teenager? I was. I decided to dip my toe into the waters of autobio comics, and show the world just how much of a bell-end I was.

To that end, I recruited my friend and frequent collaborator, Sergio Calvet, and together we cooked up Hairy Tales. Totally true stories of my teenage years, told with humour and wonderfulness.

Make your pledge to Hairy Tales today!

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