Zip is a black and white British comic about imperfect superhumans

Set in the city of Bristol, It takes superheroes and reimagines what their life experiences would look like (as inspired by a popular article) using them as an analogy for disability.

The comic explores the passive, quiet side of prejudice which is fueled by ignorance and apathy, rather than the more traditionally understood motivation of hatred.

You can pick up the series yourself at Kickstarter.

The Story

Civilisation was never built for superhumans. Yet all the while they have lived within it.​

​​Unnoticed and marginalised, they took to acts of heroism to give themselves a sense of purpose in a society that seemed to have no place for them.

​ZIP is among these heroes. Her superior speed makes the rest of the world appear as if it moves in slow motion. It makes fighting crime easy, but living a normal life a desperate dream.

In her care lives her ancient ancestor: a genius who achieved immortal life long ago – but at the price of having his mind broken.

Zip shoulders the burden of knowing that the only way to end his suffering is to find a way to kill him: but can it be done? And what if his secret for eternal life should fall into the wrong hands?


Really enjoying the experience of reading this. Good, dense but with flow, feels like a proper meal.

Claire Napier

If you’re a fan of fantastic characterization and narration, this is the comic for you!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Show

Love the art in this

Gail Simone

Zip is going to be an enlightening, thrilling ride.

Comic News UK

Mike Scrase, the writer, builds a fascinating world and an even more fascinating main character in Zip

A Place to hang your cape


Zip is self-published by Mike Scrase, Bristol UK. © Mike Scrase 2023. ISSN 2976-8721 (print) 2976-8721 (online). No similarity between the names, characters and institutions depicted in Zip with any real life names, persons, or institutions is intended. Any such similarities are purely coincidental. Printed in the UK by Stuart Lloyd Gould.