55 backers! 86% funded! Plus: Indie Comics Showcase – Dolorem

I’m very happy to say that today Zip’s Kickstarter campaign reached 86% of our funding goal, with 55 backers on board to bring Zip to life.

Everyone who pledged to receive Zip #1, regardless of whether they have opted to get a digital copy or a digital & print copy will also receive an exclusive article in Zip #1 tilted The Making of Zip, chronically the untold story of the process behind developing the ideas that shaped the comic you bought.

We are so very close to reaching our goal: if the pace of pledges we have been seeing over the last few days continues I am sure we can hit our goal. So if you are as excited to get your copy of Zip #1 as I am to send it, please consider sharing the campaign with your friends.


So today’s indie comics recommendation for you all is a title called Dolorem. I was drawn to this one, firstly, because of that stunning logo. Secondly, I noticed that it features an immortal superhuman whose infinite life is more than a curse than anything else, much like someone else you may have heard of…

It’s particuarly relevant to me because of how difficult accessing healthcare has been in the UK lately, making it particularly relevant. I’ll leave you with the synopsis I was given…

Most invulnerable heroes enjoy a kind of comfort that has eluded Neit for most of his life. While physically invulnerable (most of the time), he still experiences the pain which he inflicts on others.

Does he step into a situation knowing that it will likely add to his anguish, or will he use his gifts to help those around him and pay the cost?

As Neit learns his value to elemental forces who wish to use him for their own purposes, he must decide, what is the purpose of his suffering? Can his relationships survive his struggles with his condition and the healthcare industry?

Dolorem is a comic series that delves into struggles of a hero with increasing pain. Resonating with readers while sparking meaningful conversations about the challenges faced by those with chronic conditions. A symbol of resilience and hope, offering readers an inspiring and relatable journey that transcends the traditional superhero narrative.

Dolorem is live on Kickstarter now, and you can back it here.

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