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Zip’s Kickstarter is Ending

Zip’s Kickstarter is so close to reaching its goal with only 7% remaining. As of this update, it’s got just 71 hours left to go. I think one last big push will get us there. It may take as little as a few Mach 4 pledges to reach £3k, so if you are excited to see this campaign be successful then I would encourage you to make your pledge now, or if you already have, share it with your friends! Let’s get make that goal and I can send everyone their comics!

Find the campaign here!

Kaijus & Cowboys 

Following in the footsteps of beloved cult series Firefly, today’s showcased comic, Kaijus and Cowboys, blends sci-fi and giant monsters made popular by Japanese cinema (like Godzilla, Mothra and Gamera) with good old fashioned spaghetti westerns. I’ll leave you, once again, with the creators’ synopsis:

KAIJUS AND COWBOYS is a twelve issue mini series written by Matthew Blair and illustrated by Frankie B. Washington. The comic is about a group of robots on an alien planet who are attempting to build a new home for humanity, but are continually attacked by massive and deadly kaiju who threaten to destroy everything they’ve built.

Fortunately for the robots, there is the Hunter: a robot cowboy who wanders the planet hunting kaiju and protecting his fellow robots!

“It’s a lot of action… really cool art!” – Maser Squad 

About the creators:

Matthew Blair

lifelong fan of comics, science fiction, and everything pop culture related, Matthew graduated from Stetson University in 2012 with a BA in History. His first published work was a self published webcomic with the excellent Frankie B. Washington entitled ‘The Secret Lives of Villains‘. At the moment, he works as a staff writer for Multiversity and while the journey has been long and exhausting, it has been incredibly fulfilling and a lot of fun.

Frankie B. Washington

Frankie is an alumnae from the Butera School of Art with 30 years of freelance experience in the art industry as a commercial illustrator. He’s worked on two Miramax films, an animation studio, advertising agencies, print & comic book publishers, sketch & trading card companies and others. A love for the super robot/kaiju genre led to him co-creating the 2013 graphic novel Robot God Akamatsu, a homage to the 70’s & 80’s film/anime/toyline that shaped his childhood. Kaiju & Cowboys will be his 27th leap into the comic book creating fray which began in 1993 with his first self-published title ‘Peace‘. His journey is ongoing and the art is flowing.

You can back Kaijus and Cowboys here.

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