The VOICE of Zip, plus, comics Kickstarter showcase: Stagnant Waters #1: A Superpowered Sci-Fi Epic

Introducing the voice of Zip!

Introducing the voice of Zip. In my ongoing quest to find ways to reach new readers, I’ve gotten @brittanygallasch on board to do some voice acting for a promo video I’m planning for Instagram.

And… wow. I really wanted to sell the drama of this story and Brittany has delivered on that. I’m currently editing something together, and it should be ready in the coming days. Until then, follow my Instagram for the finished video.

Stagnant Waters #1: A Superpowered Sci-Fi Epic

I also have another comics Kickstarter recommendation for you all: and it immediately piqued my interest by referencing both Homer and Asimov. Check it out:

“This first issue of “Stagnant Waters” feels like “Greatest American Hero” had a child with “Edge of Tomorrow” and it was raised by Funimation.”

– Ben from ComicBookSquares (@brojak) in’s Fresh Friday Features.

When Ian & Quinton become the center of a millenia spanning cosmic hunt they learn just how dangerous the world and the cosmos truly is.

Stagnant Waters is a full color 36 page superpowered sci-fi epic that kicks off a Homeric saga told across Asimovian swathes of time in a cosmos of Tolkien-esque proportions!.

This initial series covers the journey of two young men as they are thrust into the center of a cosmic hunt for a mysterious key – which it turns out they have. This leads to them being targeted by a strange and ultra violent alien empire, sets them in the crosshairs of clandestine government organizations, and even makes them the enemies of a criminal empire – not to mention an ancient group known as the Triumvirate through which they’ll learn the secret history of the Earth.

Welcome to Neogenesis, the first act of the Cosmic Renaissance Saga.

“The dialogue is rich and the narration squares had profound commentary about destiny, fate and a constant attempt to build a better future.”

–’s review of Stagnant Waters which you can read Here.


Stagnant Waters #1: A Superpowered Sci-Fi Epic!

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