£2K! New KS Cover! (Nearly) 30 backers! PLUS: Tales from the Interface

What’s new with Zip?

Firstly, we just passed £2,000 on Kickstarter last night. We’re over 2/3 of the way to the goal with less than 1/3 of the campaign over.

To celebrate, I’ve added a new cover to the campaign page:

Super spped heroine, Zip, runs after a giant shadow monster in a suit, rushing towards the fiend in an industrial nightmare world.

We’re also so close to 30 backers. Can we get one more backer today and make it there? You can make it happen by making your pledge here. If you already made your pledge: tell your friends! There’s social icons near the top of the campaign page: don’t forget you can always press those and share Zip on the respective platforms.

Tales from the Interface 4

Next up, if you like the look of Zip, you might also like the look of Tales from the Interface. It only has 3 days left until the campaign ends, so don’t delay to get your copy! I pledged myself, so why not check it out?

Here’s a synopsis:

A mysterious helmeted man peers out of a manhole cover. He appears to be watching something or hiding from someone.

Put to sleep by a million virtual dreams, our will slowly evaporated. Human relationships crumbled and the frontier between virtuality and reality disappeared.

Order is maintained by the Robopaxes, nightmarish tentacular monsters. At the center of all this, a couple is torn apart. While Clara continues unraveling the mysteries of humanity’s past, Gauthier sinks ever deeper into promises of luxury and unending dreams.

TALES FROM THE INTERFACE is brilliantly detailed, colourful sci-fi epic, packed full of clever references dipped in black humour.

So if you’d like to back this project: click here. Till next time!

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