New reward tier? Zip’s secret inspiration? Plus Comics Kickstarter showcase: Adventures of Clarity Girl: Comic Expo Special

Content warning: this article discusses self harm.

New tier?

I’m pleased to say Zip’s Kickstarter campaign has had some soaring success for the Mach 4 reward tier, which enables you to get a print and digital copy of Zip #1, as well as an acknowledgement in the back of the comic itself.

It’s gonna look a little something like this.

I was always striving for backers to take an interest in this tier of course: or I wouldn’t have offered it! But even I’ve been surprised at the popularity of it. It seems like people are excited for their comic to have a personalised touch. Which got me thinking: would people be interested in their copy being autographed by me, Mike Scrase (Zip’s writer)?

If so, please voice your opinion in the comment section below, or by using the one on Zip’s Kickstarter campaign page.

We are so close to hitting 75% of the campaign goal, so if you are excited for Zipmake your pledge today (you won’t be billed until after the campaign ends on May the 4th) or share the campaign with your friends if you already pledged!

Blog on the influences of ADHD on Zip

So when I was in the process of getting press out for Zip (a process which has not ended by the way, please contact me if you’re interested in giving the campaign some publicity!) reviewersinterviews, and fans alike gave me a common piece of feedback. That feedback was: “wow, so this comic is like, super about neurodivergence, huh?”

And I always said, “well, actually wrote it with my experiences of being born visually impaired. But I did try to make it relatable for someone with any disability, or from any marginalised group, and well… anyone really.”

However, the more I’ve found out about ADHD, the more I’ve… really, really seen myself in the behaviours and experiences I’ve heard being described. I’m talking stuff that I struggle with all day every day for as long as I can remember, and had no idea why. Stuff that, I make no exaggeration, has probably shortened my life, and could very well kill me one day.

I have a blog coming up soon which is going to dive deep into all of this. It’s going to not only talk about my creative process making Zip, but also how and why ADHD is not simply a quirk or a minor annoyance.

If I seem like I’m being a bit intense here it’s only because I really need people to know that if they think they might have it too, they should really, really take it seriously. If you’d like to read my blog when it comes out then I would suggest signing up for my mailing list.

Is this you? Don’t ignore that.

But honestly? If you have ever had an inkling you may have it, don’t wait: do some reading on it right now. Better to find out you’re wrong and move on than wonder why you just aren’t good at things other people are, and blame yourself. You know: like I did. I know it’s difficult for you to get around to doing stuff like that: it is for me too. But please, please, try to force yourself to do it anyway.

Comics Kickstarter showcase: Adventures of Clarity Girl: Comic Expo Special

Time for some aftercare! I have another comic for you guys for you to join me in pledging to. It has some things in common with Zip (it’s a superhero comic fronted by a woman), and other things where it differs in approach.

You see, while Zip is a very personal story to me, I’ll be the first to admit that it can get a bit heavy at times. Although I always try to weave in some escapism in there too, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for the kind of dark, brooding stuff that I, Mike Scrase, usually put out there.

Whoa. Heavy, dude.

By writer Chris Thomasma’s own admission, this comic is all fun, all the time. So if you need a break from all that weighty thinking about like, your innermost feelings and like, society and stuff, man (the kind of thinking that you’re gonna get from Zip), maybe check Clarity Girl out:

Just look at the colours!

Clarity Girl,  Ms Makeshift,  & The Scintillating Spider-Squirrel attend the world-famous Heroic Con. Looking forward to a day of signing autographs and meeting fans, their fun gets cut short when a man that goes by “Inner Demon” arrives, seeking the one thing the show floor doesn’t offer… vengeance.

Make your pledge today!

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