Zip’s kickstarter has Launched!

Well, well well. It is a very exciting time for me. I’ve just launched my first ever Kickstarter. It’s been running for less than a week, and so far it’s been going very well: having reached just under £2k (65% of the campaign goal) with 26 days to go.

Big thanks to artist San Espina, letterer Ferran Delgado, and cover artist Vanessa Cardinali for making the finished comic possible.

So what’s the comic about? Well…

Firstly, the above promo video? Is currently sitting comfortably at 47.37% completed plays. Considering the campaign has been running for long enough at this point for any spikes which might have skewed this number to even themselves out, this is mind-blowingly good.

Thank you to my production crew, director of photography/camera operator Lel Burnett, and camera assistant/grip Michael Smith. Big thanks also to post production: composer Simon Broadbent and VFX artist Dave Brain. You all helped make this video, and by extension, this Kickstarter campaign, the success that it has been to date.

Production crew selfie! Pictured left to right: me (Mike Scrase), Lel, and Michael.

It’s important for me not to remember to count my chickens before they’re hatched of course, but I am feeling cautiously optimistic about my first campaign. Before the Kickstarter went live, we were sitting at about 40 followers on Kickstarter itself (although that number gets much larger when you factor in not only this blog, but all of my various social media profiles as well). After launching, my Kickstarter followers shot up to 51 in a day.

Indie comics Twitter has been endlessly supportive as well:

Many of those production/post prod crew who I mentioned earlier were kind enough to tweet their support as well…

Now, there’s a lot more I could say about this Kickstarter, but at the moment I have a very busy schedule. I’ll resist the thrall of AI generated content to my last breath. The trouble with artistic integrity is if you only have it when it’s convenient, you never had any in the first place.

So I’m afraid I’m going to have to very abruptly cut this blog short and get back to doing… just so many things. Like, so, so many.

But before I do, I’ll leave you with this: for the next six days of the campaign, you can get your copy of Zip #1 for 1/3 off when you pledge to the campaign’s Early Bird reward tier. This tier’s rewards are exactly the same as the Mach 3 tier, but designed to reward early adopters with a discount for supporting the campaign in the crucial first third. This discount is available for a limited time only, so make your pledge today to avoid disappointment.

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