Martial Arts action in zip #2 – a Great start!

Zip issue #2 launched on Kickstarter last Tuesday! This issue is packed with Kung-Fu-movie style action, and follows the the turbulent pasts of Zip and her mysterious new foe from childhood until they clash with each other in the modern day. But are Zip and this mysterious martial artist as unlike as they think? Back us on Kickstarter to find out! You won’t be billed until the campaign ends on November the 23rd, and you’ll have a chance to pick up Zip issue 1 and 2 in bundle tiers if you missed our first one.



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Until Zip #2 Kickstarter campaign ends

Zip is a black and white, 23 page independent British comic book about imperfect superhumans. It re-imagines superheroes as an analogy for disability, and explores the passive, quiet side of prejudice fuelled by ignorance and apathy, rather than the more traditionally understood motivation of hatred. Pledge here and get your copy today!

Zip’s life as a superhero is complicated…

Civilisation was never built for superhumans. Yet all the while they have lived within it.​

​​Unnoticed and marginalised, they took to acts of heroism to give themselves a sense of purpose in a society that seemed to have no place for them.

ZIP is among these heroes. Her superior speed makes the rest of the world appear as if it moves in slow motion. It makes fighting crime easy, but living a normal life a desperate dream.

zip clashes with a deadly martial artist in issue 2…

Zip’s second issue explores a strange and dangerous quirk of Zip’s powers that she has struggled with since childhood: a release of high energy generated by her body’s speed, which makes her touch explosive in stressful situations.

Zip’s control over her powers are challenged when she clashes with a kidnapper out to settle an old score. The stories about him say he’s so skilled in the martial arts that there is no attack he cannot evade and no technique he cannot counter. They call him: Mr Untouchable.

We’re off to a great start at 14% funding on day 3. If you’re new to Kickstarter and aren’t sure how to use the website, I’ve written an FAQ to get you up to speed.

get rewards with our comic’s Kickstarter campaign!

Now that I’ve gained some experience managing Kickstarter reward fulfillment, I’m confident that I can handle the extra logistics involved in making print comics available to a wider range of countries.

That’s why, in this campaign, our physical rewards will now be available to a wide range of European countries in addition to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

For a full list of countries our physical rewards are available in, see our campaign FAQ.

On the theme of expanding on our previous campaign’s physical rewards, backers of Zip #2 will be able get an A3 poster and a sticker pack with their pledge.

PLUS because of the popularity of issue #1’s Mach 4 tier: all backers of Zip #2 whose pledge includes a reward will have a thank you credit, not only on and our social media pagesbut also ALSO in the pages of Zip #2 itself.

How our backer credits looked in the pages of Zip #1

Since our first campaign showed a tendency for our backers to gravitate towards having a personal touch added to their comic, we’re also introducing a new reward where backers can get their copy signed by me (Zip writer: Mike Scrase) with a handwritten personalised message or doodle.

If you liked Zip #1, I’m sure you’ll love Zip #2. San and Ferran have outdone themselves this time, and with the foundations of the comic’s premise and themes laid down in the first issue, in the second issue I’ve really been able focus even more on exploring what makes the characters tick.

So get excited: and pledge to get your copy of Zip issue 2 today!

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Zip is self-published by Mike Scrase, Bristol UK. © Mike Scrase 2023. ISSN 2976-8721 (print) 2976-8721 (online). No similarity between the names, characters and institutions depicted in Zip with any real life names, persons, or institutions is intended. Any such similarities are purely coincidental. Printed in the UK by Stuart Lloyd Gould.