Finalising Lettering for zip #1

Hi everyone, just a quick one to say that I’ve just sent off our Kickstarter campaign’s Mach 4 backers’ details, as well as a few other bits and pieces to Ferran. As soon as we get back the finished results of that, it’s time for printing!

meant to get this done a little earlier this week, but I’ve been busy preparing for a stand up comedy show I’ll be performing in this Sunday. Buy tickets for that here.

The ghostly apparition of a trendy looking man in his 30s, with a full beard and colourful suit.
Pictured: the MC of the show, in ghost form. Why? You’ll have to ask him.

 Still, depending on how busy Ferran’s schedule is at the moment I estimate we should be able to get Zip #1 off to our printers within the next two weeks. He’s already responded to my email and confirmed receipt of the info I’ve given him, so I can’t imagine it will take too long at all.

That means the digital version of Zip #1 will most likely be with those who pledged for this reward will be with you by June.

A man having a gruesome experiment carried out on him. He is being shocked in an electric chair, injected with needles, and wires are protruding into his skin.

For those of you waiting for a physical copy, because the postal system has been a bit hit and miss lately I’m hesititant to commit to an exact estimate of when you might receive your comics, but I’ll update you as soon as I have them myself, as it’ll be a lot easier to give you specific timeframes at that stage.

Another thing: Bristol 24/7 were kind enough to run this great piece on Zip’s Kickstarter success. You can read that here.

Which just leaves me to say: get excited to receive your copy of Zip #1!

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