110% Funded with £3,303k. Time for fufilment!

Thank you once again to all of our 79 Kickstarter backers: we’re funded!

I’ve sent out surveys to everyone (check the activity button in your Kickstarter menu) and have already begun fulfilling pledges. A first wave of shoutouts has gone live on The team page of this website, and also on Zip’s Facebook page and Twitter account. If you’d like to see your name in the next wave of shoutouts, fill in your survey today!

What’s next?

Once we’ve collected Mach 4 backers’ preferences for how they would like their names to appear in the book, I can send this information to letterer Ferran Delgado, and complete Zip #1 for printing.

Once that information is collected, Mach 2, 3, 4, and early bird backers will receive their digital copy of Zip #1.

Once we have everyone’s preferences for which cover they would like, I’ll contact my printer and update you when I have print comics in stock and am ready to deliver them to Mach 3, 4, and early bird backers.

If you missed your chance to back Zip #1, don’t worry: you can follow my Kickstarter profile and catch the next campaign when we fund Zip #2!

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Zip is self-published by Mike Scrase, Bristol UK. © Mike Scrase 2023. ISSN 2976-8721 (print) 2976-8721 (online). No similarity between the names, characters and institutions depicted in Zip with any real life names, persons, or institutions is intended. Any such similarities are purely coincidental. Printed in the UK by Stuart Lloyd Gould.