How I became slightly addicted to making comic book gifs on Giphy

Back when we were deciding on a colour scheme for Vanessa Cardinali’s cover, we had tons of great alternatives to choose from. It was very difficult to pick just one, but fortunately, having so many alts allowed me to make this gif:

Although strangely, I’ve just learned that you can’t actually post a gif to Facebook, which seems odd given how popular they are. I’d never really looked into it all that much myself, but still, I did find myself surprised.

Thankfully gifs still show up as intended if you link to them through Giphy, and so I made myself an account and posted the gif you can see above.

As it turns out, making gifs is pretty fun, so I’ve already gotten a few up on Giphy.

Not only that, but gifs make pretty good Instagram reels too…

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