Zip Gets running – The Journey Of Your First Comics Kickstarter Starts With A Single Step.

What’s the news? Well, Zip’s Kickstarter page is in the prelaunch phase, which means that you can opt yourself into being notified when it goes live here by pressing ‘notify me on launch’.

Independant comic Zip's Kickstarter prelaunch page, with a green button labelled 'notify me on launch', and 19 followers.
We’ve reached 19 followers so far. Can we make it to 40?

We’ve also had a great response to the sneak peak of Zip I posted on Facebook…

Comics critic Claire Napier had some very nice things to say about Zip on Twitter:

And not only that, but, the website who published the very article which Zip was inititally inspired by, just so happened to have retweeted my announcement about the prelaunch going online as well:

And I’m working on getting more press for Zip and the Kickstarter as you read this. Watch this space, and consider joining my newsletter to get updates as they come.

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