Zip Kickstarter launches early april!

Update time! Kickstarter planning has been going well lately, and so I’m confident in saying that, barring any major unexpected setbacks (touch wood) the campaign should be ready to launch early this April!

But not everyone who reads this blog necessarily knows what Zip is, so for those people…

A superhuman woman with super speed chasing a reckless driver.

Zip is a 22 page black and white British comic about imperfect superhumans (secretly about disability) as told by a visually impaired writer. It explores the subtle side of prejudice propped up by ignorance and apathy, as opposed to the more traditionally understood motivation of hatred.

The comic is finished, but paying my team came with costs, and so I’m crowdfunding those costs on Kickstarter, which if you didn’t know, is a platform that allows creatives a way to source funding from ordinary people on the internet who are passionate about independent arts and small business.

You can create a Kickstarter account with just a name, email address, and password, or sign up through Facebook and Google. So why not give it a try? If you’re new to Kickstarter, you could always make Zip your first campaign and opt yourself into being notified on launch. With your pledge to Zip’s Kickstarter campaign you can receive a digital or physical copy of the comic (shipped to your door), with your choice of two covers:

There will even be an early bird pledge tier for backers who would like to receive their copy of Zip #1 for 1/3 off the standard price: but that’ll only be available for a limited time, making that yet another reason to follow Zip’s Kickstarter page!

Zip’s got Press!

So now that you’re up to speed (much like Zip herself), let’s talk about the latest news!

Firstly, I recently made an appearance on Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Show*!

*American spelling of ‘neighbourhood’ due to YNHCS being an American podcast.

Zip’s also had another review since Claire Napier’s kind words on Twitter. This time A Place to Hang Your Cape has given the comic a write up:

Really enjoying the experience of reading this. Good, dense but with flow, feels like a proper meal.

Claire Napier

Incidentally, Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Show had this to say about Zip as well…

If you’re a fan of fantastic characterization and narration, this is the comic for you!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Show

Comic News UK gave us this great quote…

Zip is going to be an enlightening, thrilling ride.

Comic News UK

The Kickstarter Video is almost finished!

I’m excited to say that I’ve recently completed a rough cut of the promo for Zip’s Kickstarter campaign as well. Thanks to the help of director of photography/camera operator Lel Burnett and camera assistant/grip Michael Smith, we’ve put together a video I’m very proud of.

My goal for this video was to take the viewer on a journey through all of the emotional beats of Zip, in the extremely short space of time which is the standard for a Kickstarter vid. To this end, I’ve enlisted the help of composer Simon Broadbent to really hammer home the ride this video will take you on. We’ll be topping it all off with the contribution of visual effects artist Dave Brain.

You definitely won’t want to miss it. So once again, head over to my Kickstarter page, and press ‘notify me on launch’.

We should be on track for the campaign to launch on April the 4th, so until then, keep checking back for updates, and consider signing up to this blog’s mailing list…

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Zip is self-published by Mike Scrase, Bristol UK. © Mike Scrase 2023. ISSN 2976-8721 (print) 2976-8721 (online). No similarity between the names, characters and institutions depicted in Zip with any real life names, persons, or institutions is intended. Any such similarities are purely coincidental. Printed in the UK by Stuart Lloyd Gould.